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Popular for its unique and classic look, sandstone tiles are widely popular as a flooring option in both residential and commercial environments. Sandstone is known for its multi-coloured surface, often compared to the colours of beach or desert sand. Available in a variety of hues, including reds, golds, browns, and tans, this natural material is a preferred choice for many of the clients visiting us at Artmar.

Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock that consists of sand-sized mineral or rock fragments. Most sandstone is made up of quartz and feldspar, since these minerals can withstand weathering processes. Due to its strength, sandstone has been used for domestic construction purposes since prehistoric times.

Sandstone is a porous material, which means that any form of liquid can easily penetrate the tile, leaving it stained or damaged. Therefore, sandstone is not an ideal option for kitchens or bathrooms, but is perfect for outside. If sealed and cared for properly, clients will be delighted by its durability and wear-resistance.

  • Teakwood - Sandblasted
    Teakwood - Sandblasted
  • Teakwood - Sandblasted
    Teakwood - Sandblasted
    Product Name: Teakwood Sandblasted

    Category/Material: Sandstone

    Size (mm): 600x400x15

    Surface-finish: Sandblasted
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Why  Install sandstone tiles?

Sandstone tiles are most often chosen for their beauty and sophisticated touch. But, what many clients do not realise is that sandstone is also a durable material, which makes the installation of these tiles a lifelong investment. Being quarried from mountainous areas, sandstone is extremely hard, and being so tough and powerful, this stone can last for decades if correctly cared for.

At Artmar, we supply tiles to suit our clients’ preferences. Once you have chosen your ideal tile, you can also choose the finish of your product.

We supply:

  • • Sandblasted Sandstone

If you would like to have this unique natural stone product present in your home, please get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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